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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Brutality → Croc

Brutally killed reptile.

Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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Jew Boy
You know what nigger slayer, you`re so dumb, you wouldn`t know which end of an AK to point, you inbred piece of white trash shit.
I bet you aren`t even white. Just the drippings off of a white man`s dick that your crack whore mother sucked.
The only thing you can pound is your pecker.

Joke of the day.
Whats the diffenece between nigger slayer and a black man...
Drum roll. Thank you.


Now go step and fetch it, boy. Shuck and jive for me.

Tell your mom I have her birthday present.
A coaster with a chin strap so I can put my Pabst Blue Ribbon beer on her flat head while she sucks my dick.
Regards to your sister as well.
Too bad your dad is on the Springer Show
2009-05-12 05:45:38

i agree wit nigger slayer. fuck off jack u fuckin jackass
2009-05-12 04:04:12

nigger slayer
you know what jack the ripper? you are a nigger loving bitch with a small dick. fuck you mother fucker. i wish i could meet your dumb ass face to face so i could pound your god damn skull in, take a picture and post it on this website. i hate all niggers, any and every. help clean up the earth.... grab an AK and blow so nigger guts out! jack, i hope your kids die you arogant white bastard! Heil Hitler! seig heil! white power!!! kkk
2009-05-12 04:02:30

BURN IN HELL! Niggers & Jews!!!
The good lord dosent open his gates to NIGGERS AND JEWS!

__________SIEG HEIL________
_______WHITE POWER_____


2009-05-12 03:25:49

v god
2009-05-12 01:31:44

i kiss skulls
i just hate everyone equally, all y'all sux
2009-05-12 01:26:53

i'd like to ask a genuine question. i know jews, i'm not friends with them, but i know a few of them. i'm wondering are jews considered white? some of these ppl on my street are from israel, some of them are european jews. but does that make them white? and why do they look like eachother? just like somalians? is it a race or a religion, or both? i'm opening this to jews and non jews.
2009-05-12 00:17:35

thank you josh! i'd like to think i'm a touch above most visitors of charonboat. i like to focus on the pics because i'm curious about death, and that's why i'm on charonboat. if i want to make comments about race, i'd find another site that is better suited for that kind of debate. but this little tidbit of common sense eludes most ppl on charonboat. they're mostly dumbasses, this is evident of the level of intelligence or lack thereof in the text.
2009-05-11 23:38:10

All you racist faggots have tiny dicks go kill yourselfs you fucking ignorant faggots.
2009-05-11 23:05:19

jack the ripper FUCK YOU you niggerloving commie when has society crumpled ever since the black man has been treated as an equal
2009-05-11 19:46:27

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