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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Brutality → Croc

Brutally killed reptile.

Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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nigger slayer
god damnit are you blinded?? we need to fucking wipe all those cotton picking, aids infested, big chocolate lips off this planet. all they do is sell crack and meth to like kids and fuck those nasty hairy aids infested pussies! fuck u jack the ripper aka nigger lover. i hope there will be a pic of you lame ass on here someday :] fuck niggers! white power! white knights of mississippi, kkk
2009-05-11 11:42:20

jacktheripper, wow, I feel like your are the only one that gets it man. this site is the place I seen the most rascism in my life. It's sad really. I don't think that the comment section was such a good idea.
2009-05-11 04:36:33

i'm not a "nigger lover". i'm open minded. i have friends of all shades as we live in a multicultural society. i'm on no one's side. there are good blacks and blacks that are pieces of shit. but the same goes for whites, good whites and white ppl you wish you could kick their heads in. ppl are ppl, and are not divine nor perfect. and you don't pick your skin colour, family, or coworkers. we just need to exist with eachother until this planet blows up.
2009-05-11 04:07:06

nigger slayer
fuck off u white discrases. fuck all black ppl, ill stomp their nigger brains out of their fuckin brains. like seriously, fuck u dumb ass holes who like niggers. damn good for nothing nigger lovers. i just get so pissed when i see goons walking around free. they need to pull their god damn mother fucking pants up and fuckin pick cotton in the feilds. i would love to get my hands on a nigger and watch em die in the hands of a white man! fuck all the asians, spics,jews, nigger fuck em all white POWER
2009-05-11 03:13:44

for the record, i'm white, and i've had it with all your racist comments, KKK and others!
2009-05-11 02:23:02


2009-05-11 01:39:02

to peace to all: i've made this very comment ages ago when i noticed the pictures on lynching. no one cares however, its really quite annoying that the focus has shifted away from the pics and onto ppl's personal beliefs about race and the colour of one's skin. i've had other white ppl jump down my throat when i mentioned that this talk is garbage, and useless. I wonder why these whites and other nationalities don't find another site that they can bicker about these topics as oppose to making them over dead ppl's pics. i don't see the connection personally. i'm fed up of seeing pages of comments that only has to do with race. but what can you do, eh??
2009-05-10 21:23:38

More images of dead people, eaten by animals at
2009-05-10 18:28:33

peace to all
all this racial stuff up here.come on...
2009-05-10 17:42:24

actually, most blacks are racist against whites...if you don't believe me, i can give you all official links to real non biased reports
2009-05-10 17:12:45

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