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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hot news → Our website was attacked

Our website was attacked on June 8th, 9th and 10th by a so-called "hacker" from New Delhi, India who spent two days for posting more than 300 comments containing malicious JavaScript code. Thanks to everybody who alerted us by email. Thanks to everybody who tried to "unhack" our website by posting JavaScript warnings for the visitors. And thanks to that "hacker" for helping us to improve our security.

Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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πŸˆšπŸˆ΅πŸˆΊγŠ™οΈγŠ—οΈπŸˆ³πŸˆ΄πŸˆΈπŸ‰‘πŸˆ²πŸˆšπŸ ˆΉπŸ‰πŸˆ―🈢🈷️🈢🈢🈷️?
2018-07-19 03:03:14

πŸˆ΅πŸˆΊγŠ™οΈγŠ—οΈπŸˆ³πŸˆ΄πŸˆΈπŸ‰‘πŸˆ²πŸˆšπŸˆΉπŸ ‰πŸˆ―🈢🈷️
2018-07-19 02:57:39

F You
2018-07-17 21:12:13

2018-07-11 01:23:24

Bo Bendtsen, administrator

Do not try to hack this website

Hackers: You might as well bend over so I can fuck you all the way up the ass until my 11 inch prick punctures your intestine!

If you try to hack this site I will blow my seed into your bleeding rectum!

You can count on it!
2018-02-19 13:33:12

You guys are awesome! Continue spreading the
truth! Super interesting site!
2018-01-16 07:27:51

concerned citizen
I feel dizzy and sick to my stomach. The pictures and videos on this site are horrible

This site is terrible!
2017-12-27 10:46:54

concerned citizen
The pictures and videos on this site are horrible
2017-12-27 08:26:13 Quality Assurance
We at take a great deal of pride and effort in maintaining the moral integrity of our website. In 2009 our site was attacked by a hacker. Bo Bendtsen, hired in 2014, is our anti-hacking enforcer. Comments which are submitted are thoroughly inspected and edited. Comments which remain in the comment section have been approved by our editing staff. We will have new content in the near future.

Take time to appreciate life!
2017-12-21 03:12:40

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Thank you for your co-operation
2017-12-09 05:54:52

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