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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hot news → Our website was attacked

Our website was attacked on June 8th, 9th and 10th by a so-called "hacker" from New Delhi, India who spent two days for posting more than 300 comments containing malicious JavaScript code. Thanks to everybody who alerted us by email. Thanks to everybody who tried to "unhack" our website by posting JavaScript warnings for the visitors. And thanks to that "hacker" for helping us to improve our security.

Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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Cheers to Fred Gilmore

o o

Cheers to Fred Gilmore, Administrator for taking the first steps in cleaning up this website.
2014-10-15 21:54:53

It has been brought to our attention that Bo Bendtsen, Administrator has been threatening the viewers of this website. Both he and one of the co-owners have been removed from this site entirely. They have agreed never to host a website ever again due to unprofessional and threatening behavior.

The new Administrator is Fred Gilmore. He will operate as both Administrator and Co-ordinator until more staff are available.
2014-09-22 07:38:20

American Acadamy of Sexual Behavior Studies
We would appreciate your help. We are conducting a survey on internet sexual behavior.

Please answer the following:
Which type of website do you most frequently visit?

[a] chat
[b] encyclopedia
[c] child porn
[d] shock

Please answer the following:
When visiting a your favourite website, what is your level of arousal?

[a] somewhat aroused
[b] very aroused
[c] not aroused
[d] extremely aroused

Please answer the following:
When viewing 'shock sites' what is your general additude/feeling?

[a] curiousity
[b] humour
[c] disgust
[d] sexual lust

Please answer the following:
Do you ever masturbate while viewing dead bodies?

[a] yes, but rarely
[b] yes, very vigorously
[c] absolutely not
[d] no answer

We would appreciate your participation.

A.A.S.B.S.(American Acadamy of Sexual Behavior Studies)
2014-09-22 02:07:25

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2014-09-17 17:13:51

Bo Bendtsen, Administrator
@XVRacerick aka TheColonel

I will update the site soon with more pics for you to jack off to. Don't ask me too often or I will put a burning hot metal rod up your asshole. The new pics will be here soon.

Does that make you feel at ease?
2014-09-17 05:33:24

XVRacerik aka TheColonel
2011 seems to be the last update, have you moved the newest content or is this site no longer being updated? Thanks, I'll check back.
2014-08-20 00:58:55

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2014-07-03 19:36:22

DarkLord Of The Sith Darth Knightmare

I, DarkLord repent for my sins. I am deeply ashamed of myself.

Let me explain: while other viewers have posted some bad comments I have posted the most ignorant comments of all. I have LITERALLY been posting comments for YEARS.

I repent for my ignorance. I apologize to anyone I offended.

I am ready to have an icepick shoved up my ass
2014-06-15 07:10:39

Darklord Of The Sith Darth Knightmare
Many of my comments were ignorant and unacceptable. I am truly sorry. I need to be punished. Shove a razor-sharp icepick up my ass.
2014-06-13 10:48:31

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2014-06-08 02:30:45

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