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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hot news → Our website was attacked

Our website was attacked on June 8th, 9th and 10th by a so-called "hacker" from New Delhi, India who spent two days for posting more than 300 comments containing malicious JavaScript code. Thanks to everybody who alerted us by email. Thanks to everybody who tried to "unhack" our website by posting JavaScript warnings for the visitors. And thanks to that "hacker" for helping us to improve our security.

Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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loan...Where do I send all my personal data? Is there an application fee as well? I will be sure to give you my checking account info so you can deposit my big fat a$$ loan. Is there a secure way to send it or do I just post it here? Only if you guys here promise not to look at my online application. I knew there were still generous people in the world.
2009-06-25 17:27:29

RE: Asianman...."i hope that indian hacker where ever he or she burn in hell or come back as a pig."

Coming back as a pig would be a vast improvement for most Indians I know.
2009-06-25 07:49:54

Alain Trundle
TO JEW BOY ..... you are one hundred per cent right, I can't find a fuck wrong with your summation, if I was a homo I would want to marry you!

The Ganges it is an open sewer, still it helps rinse away the spiritual filth! Unclean it is I agree, in fact the un-cleanliness more or less starts in Eastern Europe - the muj lands and spreads it wicked filth through the lands as it crosses the globe, hence we have cess-pools like Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Arabia, and the great satan itself Pakistan and the muj lands of India - going further it spreads it's vile shadow to south east asia so we have huge wastelands of spiritual disease like as in Indonesia .. it can probably only be solved by genetic engineering - that is what we should be working on - ways to eliminate them using the test tube, genetics and the lab, we have the scientists, and the need .... I'm getting a boner just thinking about it!
2009-06-24 22:54:15

fucking dotheads
2009-06-24 08:58:41

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2009-06-21 13:49:01

stupid sand nigger
ys he tryin to fuck this shit up. wen i feel lik im about to bubble over i watch some bitch die, or look at pictures of dead ppl an beat it. im sick but still a viewer.
2009-06-21 04:52:14

desgraciado hacker, quiso impedir la libertad de morbo!
2009-06-20 19:57:49

was that why the site said owned by whoever and made you go to google
2009-06-20 01:51:43

mmmm..Gina mi spieghi xkè?
2009-06-19 22:01:10

2009-06-19 14:17:13

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