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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hot news → Our website was attacked

Our website was attacked on June 8th, 9th and 10th by a so-called "hacker" from New Delhi, India who spent two days for posting more than 300 comments containing malicious JavaScript code. Thanks to everybody who alerted us by email. Thanks to everybody who tried to "unhack" our website by posting JavaScript warnings for the visitors. And thanks to that "hacker" for helping us to improve our security.

Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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The amount of people returning here frequently only to post a complaint, you are so fucking brainless. Its simple 'Dont fucking visit here?!'
Too many nerds who watched Star Trek too many times try to make a point of who can be the biggest annoying cunt by claiming in the typical nerd acceny 'I know how to hack you as 'E=Mc sq' kinda thing"
There are other sites available btw that you can watch till this site is back to normal or to how you want it.
Close this site? why? then open your own site.
2009-06-13 05:42:04

Uncle Sam
Phewwww.... i thought you guys were just not gonna
post new stories. I think i went through all of the
articles like three times.
2009-06-13 04:13:29

The Man At The Corner
Fuck Everybody Criticizing This Revolutionary Website.
To The Owners Of This Keep Up The Good Work Theres No Better Way To Appreciate Life Then To Dwell In Death Alittle
2009-06-13 02:59:57

i kiss skulls
Oh Puhleeze! give Charonboat to recover for pete's sake all you whinos! do you want to get a virus or something for viewing these pages?! let them get their shit together so we can see someone spill their shit in their dismembered remains!
2009-06-13 02:43:21

charonboat for computer maniacs
2009-06-13 02:20:38

im tired of seein the same croc picture..
you asshole makin me hungry...
2009-06-13 01:27:09

Now post somthing!other then
"we were attacked" if you want to even call it an attack.
2009-06-12 20:04:35

I knew something was wrong! Im glad you guys were on top if it!
2009-06-12 19:39:48

totally masacre
2009-06-12 19:38:03

a good website, keep up the good work, and take no notice of all the weido's who post their stupid comments.
2009-06-12 18:42:31

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