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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Suicide → Suicidal death of the's "hacker"

We only know that histrionic person from New Delhi, India was tne so-called "hacker" who recently tried to hack our web site and then publicly commited suicide to attract attention to

Video: Download "india_electroshock.wmv"

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Sergei G.
Dear fucktards,
If you think the owner is lying, well you're naive as fuck. It is so obvious it was a joke...
Because of the relative low resistance of the human body, the current flowing through this bloke's body is only limited by...the production capacity of the powerplant, which is high. Few thousand of amps just made all water in his body to explosively cook in an instant. Instant death.
2009-06-29 23:58:43

Hey Guise
This is one of my favorite death videos that has come along in a while, I don't know why since it's not even gory, I guess the way he falls is just gruesome.
2009-06-27 11:43:28

wow, thats alot of fuck...
2009-06-26 04:14:36

hey you drimg you are a fucking lover nigger fuck off and die bastard fucking asshole.
2009-06-25 22:13:26

:))))))) drlmg
2009-06-25 18:05:54

luke... I have some friends from Peru, and that is how they talk. Sometimes I start laughing because it reminds me of the famous line here "did he died". They are great though, they laugh at me as well. One was talking to a black lady and called her negro, she didn't know negro was a bad thing to say. She asked me "what you call negro lady?" I said African American and she looked at me like I was joking or stupid, I told her just call them black.
2009-06-25 17:21:27

Ohh ffs you can't be serious.
2009-06-25 12:15:13

What a flamer!!! Did you guys see the grease running off his body on the trai roof?
2009-06-25 07:41:08

did he died?
2009-06-25 02:54:03

2009-06-24 22:36:52

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