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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Accident → Weekend of... burning

It happened in Moscow, Russian Federation. Two young man and one girl at the age of 19 years old burned alive in the car.

Video: Download "burning_alive.wmv"

Autopsy showed that all burned victims were acutely alcohol intoxicated. We hope they didn't feel too much pain while being burned alive.
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I can't understand that image well!
2009-12-17 07:40:37

flames of russia
firefighters are sleep,maybe drunk,maybe dont like work
2009-12-10 22:03:40

Darwin Award
Perm is the Sity of Fire. See the video from the Night club "Lame horse" (Хромая лошадь) on youtube

P.S. If people are drunken morons, the firefighters will not help
2009-12-10 15:24:14

Fucking Russians
Where the FUCK were the firefighters and EMTs? Does Moscow not have these services? Christ!
2009-12-09 21:32:44

this is normal in russia
2009-12-08 14:13:27

le gars aurait pu aller aider a la place
de filmer... il aurait peut-être sauver
des vies... criss d'épais i cant believe
2009-12-07 01:19:58

i wish the guy filming dead.. fucking dead.. he should have helped.. fucking cancerhead
2009-12-06 21:23:39

there are so many bystanders there just staring and looking to the burning car, they do nothing!they took so long to help their own citizen. make inniative to help. and i noticed that the fire and rescue team took so very long.
2009-12-04 07:02:35

To Polish King
As stupid as Polish
2009-12-03 06:42:13

the fire department tooktoo fucking long, thats y im ahppy to be in america, i think they wouldve showed up 10 minutes quicker
2009-12-01 17:51:31

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