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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Accident → Weekend of... burning

It happened in Moscow, Russian Federation. Two young man and one girl at the age of 19 years old burned alive in the car.

Video: Download "burning_alive.wmv"

Autopsy showed that all burned victims were acutely alcohol intoxicated. We hope they didn't feel too much pain while being burned alive.
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Well, I see one guy was way to busy recording it than to help. I mean recording it is way more important than helping them.(sarcasm intended)
2009-10-28 05:18:41

in fact they did what they could! as soon as they saw the guy screaming, they broke the frontglass, being the only possible action. the girl and the guy to the right where probably already dead. i wonder what happended with the guy sitting behind the burning-driver. you don't see him anywhere
2009-10-22 20:17:51

pensavan fossero morti e invece..cazzo ma un estintore??ma ci godete a vedere certe cose io non lo so..acnche del terreno buttato sulle fiamme..dio mio ma che mondo tra le fiamme mi c e un po i rispetto per la vita umana si o no??
2009-10-19 20:28:09

holy fuck, why did they take so long to help?
2009-10-15 12:34:08

they just watched them burning alive! they didn't even thought of doing something like getting them out or putting out the fire..
2009-10-06 08:16:17

Why didnt they help him sooner? Then they just leave him on the floor in agony!!!
2009-09-30 19:54:47

the real root of evil
u drink and drive u got it comeing
2009-09-09 22:52:45

this is old hat
2009-08-31 00:35:17

this is a city perm.Why Moscow?
2009-08-25 17:09:19

2009-08-14 06:46:35

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