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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Accident → Weekend of... burning

It happened in Moscow, Russian Federation. Two young man and one girl at the age of 19 years old burned alive in the car.

Video: Download "burning_alive.wmv"

Autopsy showed that all burned victims were acutely alcohol intoxicated. We hope they didn't feel too much pain while being burned alive.
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Exactly, "troy" is using the right terms.
2009-07-03 09:47:03

this site should also have a voice commentary system...
2009-07-03 08:59:56

this website is quikly becoming my least favourite........the moderator needs to pay attention to updating the site on a more frequent basis.

Try and add some new content or at least supply a link so that the viewers can post content for you.
2009-07-03 06:49:11

to messagefrombilly

for some sad reason i get the idea that you will probally also burn for eternity?

you should save this video and watch it over and over as preparation for your afterlive.

2009-07-03 06:46:58

Da hell is your problem "MessageFromBilly", "troy" and me "DB.Cooper", demands some new stuff this shitty video was posted like two weeks ago... _-_ .

Peace bro.
2009-07-03 06:23:19

yeah i felt the same Oberon. its sooo sad :(
2009-07-03 05:10:57

that was intense i felt like i was there
2009-07-03 00:30:23

"DB.Cooper": are you blind, as well?
2009-07-02 23:35:24

DAMN!! "troy" is right :@
Could we get something new on the site FOR FUCK SAKES!!!?
2009-07-02 22:24:55

To "troy", the lame motherfucker with no eyesight.

Did you not see the man climb out of the car through the front windshield, covered in flames like a fucking marshmallow over a campfire?

Watch the video again, pay attention after the guy stomps on the windshield and listen for the girl singing on the stereo through the driver side door.(I wonder what she was singing? I hope it was something like, "Baby, you're so hot, I can feel you all over, you burn me up with passion.") LMAO!
2009-07-02 20:36:04

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