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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Accident → Weekend of... burning

It happened in Moscow, Russian Federation. Two young man and one girl at the age of 19 years old burned alive in the car.

Video: Download "burning_alive.wmv"

Autopsy showed that all burned victims were acutely alcohol intoxicated. We hope they didn't feel too much pain while being burned alive.
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Mr X
Very interesting
2016-09-27 08:14:34

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2016-03-21 11:44:27

Bill Fold
I remember one time I caught the
neighbor woman with my dog SCRAPS . .
he was doing the elevator dance on her
leg.. . I reported her to the police
and they arrested my dog! Is that
screwed up or what?

I totally blame LA Woman, below for
this as she was the arresting officer.
It turned out she was really a crime
lord and had to move to Ysplanti to
get out of the cops jail ..

So, she voted for Hillary and then
left town again, but not before she
got the clap!
2016-03-13 22:05:10

LA Woman
I have never seen so many losers so desperate for
attention wow total weirdos the kind I pointed and
laughed at in high school ... and I still do
haha!1 It's so pathetic seeing these people still
trying to be accepted by anyone ... Eat shit it's
not working and it never did you're not cool or
funny but just fucking lame to the lowest level of
the word. You will never know what it's like to be
cool even though you swear you are. #mental
#illness #ThisThread #wannabes
2016-01-21 06:52:36

Хуй! Это не в Масскве было!
Выживший - водила, они бухали наконуне,
отмечали покупку злаполучного таза...
Ну и алкашка - сделала своё в итоге))
2016-01-19 20:32:11

I can't play te video
2015-11-13 02:37:51

That fire-brigade sure took their time to arrive at the scene...
2015-09-29 09:39:28

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