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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Accident → Weekend of... burning

It happened in Moscow, Russian Federation. Two young man and one girl at the age of 19 years old burned alive in the car.

Video: Download "burning_alive.wmv"

Autopsy showed that all burned victims were acutely alcohol intoxicated. We hope they didn't feel too much pain while being burned alive.
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south east
the boy who survived has a life debt to who broke the front glass of the car
2009-06-23 07:35:54

Эй, чича, заткни совою чёрную макакину харю
2009-06-23 04:54:19

2009-06-23 05:23:36

Эй, чича, заткни совою чёрную макакину харю
2009-06-23 04:54:19

Proud Chechen
those fucking ruskies deserved this shit. They are so fucking stupid... when are they going to realize Russia is a nation of inbreds, whores and idiots.
2009-06-23 04:50:58

Fuck you "jacktheripper" NOBODY DESERVES TO DIE!
2009-06-23 04:04:37

to hmmm: the only ppl that were affected were the ppl that were drinking, there was no other car involved in this accident. i don't feel sorry for drunk drivers, they put themselves in that situation. i would have felt sorry if they crashed into someone else who would have been there at the wrong place at the wrong time. drunk drivers makes the roads dangerous for all of us. it sux for their families, but whatever. if you drive drunk, you deserve to crash and burn for putting your life at risk, not to mention others.
2009-06-23 03:24:16

Hey (DA RUSSIAN) why are you typing with CAPS on? dont you know that like shouting! sounds like your pissed at (bob) for bad mouthing
If that's the case then he or she is already a better person than you! Intelligent people don't get pissed at text on the Internet. BTW don't criticise a persons spelling before checking your own.
2009-06-23 01:29:16

jacktheripper - Try telling that to the families of those in the car.
2009-06-23 00:45:41

wow that was fucking intense! i feel bad for that guy that's covered in burns, but serves them right for drinking and driving. lets this be a lesson for all of us.
2009-06-22 22:31:34

and it's believe, not beleive asshole
2009-06-22 19:44:33

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