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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Medical → Severe burns

There are approximately 2.4 million burn injuries that are reported each year in the United States. Out of this amount there are about 650,000 burn injuries that are treated by medical professionals and another 75,000 burn patients that are hospitalized and this includes 20,000 burn victims that have severe burns over approximately 25% of their body. From this number there are between 8,000 and 12,000 burn injury patients that will die from their injuries. There are nearly 1 million burn victims that will have permanent disabilities.

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This is not burn
This intact was not burns it was a
failed nuclear experiment which 2 people
tried to do one died and this man was
kept alive if you search up Hisashi
Ouchi you will see this photo and can
read more I'm how he was put in to this
and if you are wondering this man was in
pain all never were still intact he had
0 white blood cells left went through 2
comas multiple heart attacks and dieses
he then dies 83 days later even though
he would scream to the doctors to pit
him down because of his pain
2018-05-04 21:50:35

Agent Spencer Reid
This looks like a case for the BAU.
We just found our Unsub. He just sucked my hairy cock.
JJ, you want in on the action? I will tie you to a pool
table and violate you.
2018-04-23 02:41:42

Bo Bendtsen, administrator

Do not try to hack this website

Hackers: You might as well bend over so I can fuck you all the way up the ass until my 11 inch prick punctures your intestine!

If you try to hack this site I will blow my seed into your bleeding rectum!

You can count on it!
2018-02-19 13:55:37

Hurricane Irma
A shitstorm of epic proportions is coming.
If you decide to take your chances and ride me
out, then that's all on you.
I, for one, would be very wary if I were you. The
stakes are high, and you fags won't even realize it
until' it's wayyyy too late
2017-09-07 04:26:52

rasiras is worth literally millions of dollars
2017-07-04 22:29:34


What is wrong with you all?!

You fucking stink!
2016-11-08 22:54:03

Get it right
This is not a picture of a severely
burned man. It is a picture of the last
stages of human who has received a
severe dose of radiation. His body is

The picture is of a Japanese nuclear
worked named Hisashi Ouchi and he was
exposed to 17 sieverts of radiation,
which is approximately 3400 times the
maximum safe amount for a human.
2016-10-08 02:32:33

eat my shit
just 10 minutes in the tanning bed, and look what happens.
2016-09-14 16:57:15

Eric the DarkLord
If i bend over would you penetrate my asshole?

Do you want to stick your penis up my ass?

Be gentle at first big boy
2016-08-26 03:32:44

Steve Bailey
The administrator raped me after accusing me of trying to hack this site.

Bo Bendtsen is a friggin monster.

His erection ruptured my rectum and I felt dizzy from losing so much blood.

I wish someone had warned me about Bo the administrator
2016-08-10 06:38:45

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