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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Medical → Severe burns

There are approximately 2.4 million burn injuries that are reported each year in the United States. Out of this amount there are about 650,000 burn injuries that are treated by medical professionals and another 75,000 burn patients that are hospitalized and this includes 20,000 burn victims that have severe burns over approximately 25% of their body. From this number there are between 8,000 and 12,000 burn injury patients that will die from their injuries. There are nearly 1 million burn victims that will have permanent disabilities.

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The Sarge
Alright, I love jerky!
Oh and nirmala, This guy never gonna heal, and if "god" ever taught me anything, its that he doesnt exist. So you play nice with your imaginary friend. Peace.
2011-10-09 03:49:10

god teaches everyone something in their life time,let him heal soon,i am really upset by seeing this and the comments are so painful
2011-10-08 13:08:30

anybody else want chicken wings right now.
2011-10-08 01:32:42

Dunno how this guy can live..
2011-10-07 23:52:50

I love completely exposed nerve tissue really turns me on want to cum over his body bet my seed will burn on his skin when I blow my load all over it
2011-10-07 00:26:19

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enkHmU Not bad post, leave it at my bookmarks!...
2011-09-30 04:13:20

Wow, that is utterly amazing... Look at what little is left. That guy HAD to be on morphine during the whole healing process, come on. To lie on his back would be constant pain for fuck sakes, all that completely exposed nerve tissue!!
2011-09-30 00:11:05

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D4X0gX I am amazed with the abundance of interesting articles on your site! The author - good luck and wish you the new interesting posts..!
2011-09-29 16:34:01

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2011-09-28 20:00:25

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DCDn58 Extremely easy by words but in reality´┐Ż, a lot of things don`t correspond. Not everything is so rosy..!
2011-09-28 16:23:16

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