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Friday, January 1, 2010

Accident → Lame Horse fire

The Lame Horse fire occurred on December 5, 2009, around 1 a.m. local time in the nightclub Khromaya Loshad (Russian: Хромая лошадь, "Lame Horse") at Kuybysheva Street #9 in Perm, Russia. The fire started when sparks from fireworks ignited the low ceiling and its willow twig covering. The fire quickly spread to the walls and damaged the building's electrical wiring, causing the lights to fail.

More than 150 people died. According to initial reports, up to 160 more were injured in the fire; however many of the wounded lost their lives in the following days in hospitals.
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Wiki Article: Lame Horse fire

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russian man
M16, fuck you!!!
2010-01-26 15:26:08

slav filth roast
2010-01-26 04:59:21

Afrikan Lova
oooh im shoking ,onli whait girlz be burnd in thiz clab oh my god sake
2010-01-25 15:04:05

russian man
Remember their persons, stupid nazis. They will come for you in a hell...
2010-01-25 11:24:27

it's like L-O-L lame!
2010-01-25 08:16:38

pretty lame if you ask me.
2010-01-20 21:07:48

Awfully bad...
2010-01-18 14:18:31

Afrikan Lova
poor chicks
2010-01-17 15:20:51

lol did any of the bodies get cremated?
2010-01-12 02:40:43

I lol'd.
2010-01-11 18:24:22

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