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Friday, January 1, 2010

Accident → Lame Horse fire

The Lame Horse fire occurred on December 5, 2009, around 1 a.m. local time in the nightclub Khromaya Loshad (Russian: Хромая лошадь, "Lame Horse") at Kuybysheva Street #9 in Perm, Russia. The fire started when sparks from fireworks ignited the low ceiling and its willow twig covering. The fire quickly spread to the walls and damaged the building's electrical wiring, causing the lights to fail.

More than 150 people died. According to initial reports, up to 160 more were injured in the fire; however many of the wounded lost their lives in the following days in hospitals.
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Wiki Article: Lame Horse fire

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lol did any of the bodies get cremated?
2010-01-12 02:40:43

I lol'd.
2010-01-11 18:24:22

2010-01-11 15:26:33

You are a dying shit eater and you want
others to follow.
GO to HELL alone, decomposed asshole...
2010-01-10 07:10:34

To Hehe
you write just like some dumb ass stupid teenager with long hair, who looks like an ugly chick.
Go eat shit and die
2010-01-10 07:00:42

To american:

If you have been regular and followed
all the threads posted on this site you
would have noticed that many things
stupid concern russia not least the two
morons with their bow and arrow.

You are just a dumd shithole
fucktard,triple moron...
2010-01-09 23:16:37

To me chinese me play trick:

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2010-01-09 19:59:21

To Hehe:

very similar fire happened in the US in 2003 (Rode Island)
100 people died then in night club fire.
So if I follow your logic, usa is third world as well?
Accidents happen everywhere, moron.
2010-01-09 19:57:31

russia is third world
2010-01-09 13:07:30

me chinese me play trick
good riddance to the filthy slav russian bastards
2010-01-09 07:32:42

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