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Friday, January 8, 2010

Medical → H1N1

At least 7,826 people worldwide have died from laboratory-confirmed cases of pandemic H1N1 influenza (swine flu).

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about free health care there is more chance of a street beggar in the uk surviving a heart attack than bill gates with his private health insurance.the reason the beggar would be taken straight to hospital & treated right away.where bill would be dying while they check he has enough cover left on his insurance.think i would pick free care than pay for but you americans are a bit stupid & would rather die.must be nice to have people telling them their parents die due to being 3 dollars short on the isurance to pay for life saving we dont start getting an operation like removing a tumor getting it half removed finding out there is insufficient funds for get patched up dumped on the door way for your relatives to collect you.what kind of society does that to their citizens.think about that before you slate obamas health care plans you idiots.
2010-01-16 18:18:26

the teacher
if you have not noticed im dyslexic.fuckin hard word to spell
2010-01-16 17:21:25

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