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Sunday, July 22, 2007

WarWWII → Hanging Belarusian Partisans in Minsk (Belarus, U.S.S.R.) on 10/26/1941 (Set Three)

Three Belarusian partisans (one woman and two men) were hanged from a crossbar by Nazi in Minsk on Central Square (in front of the building of National Academy of Science of Belarus) (Belarus, U.S.S.R.) on 10/26/1941. The hanged woman was identified as Olga Shcherbatsevich (her son was hangen on the gate of the Minsk Yeast Generator Plant on the same day; please see Hanging Belarusian Partisans in Minsk (Belarus, U.S.S.R.) on 10/26/1941 (Set Four). One hanged man was identified as Nikolai Kuznetsov. The second hanged man was officially identified as "unknown."

Nazi prohibited to cut down the corpses of the hanged people for almost 10 days left their bodies being hanged till its severely decomposition.

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Dead Commie
I lost my life to the German master race and believed in the equality horseshit the jews sold me .
2011-12-03 07:26:23

Rest in peace brave partisans. Your struggle helped kill all those dirty facist scum, and your sacrifice will enver be forgotten.
2011-10-29 16:07:34

2011-10-01 19:10:45

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fbLIGp Sometimes I also see something like this, but earlier I didn`t pay much attention to this!...
2011-09-28 09:17:23

Twatn Bitss
I wish your family experiences what these people experienced.
Dresden and Hamburger should have happened earlier.
2011-09-20 14:08:30

Twin Boltss
They shot at German soldiers. It is against the rules to
be out of uniform and engage in war. They broke the
rules and paid the price.
2011-08-17 12:33:53

Herr Hairr..
GruS Gott that must have hurt...
2011-08-08 22:17:54

mensch ooh i just love the german language so sexy!!!!leiberdich mein herr!
2011-06-11 10:25:06

Ich hoffe auch hier das die Nazi-Bastarde am Ende einen qualvollen und schmachvollen Tod hatten als das Terrorregime der Nazis von der Landkarte gefegt wurde durch die unterjochten Völker.

Partisanen sind Helden im Kampf für die Freiheit und gegen diesen mörderischen Nazi-Terror, Nazis dagegen nur Mörder und Abschaum.
2010-11-26 14:13:30

Belarus Is awsome Country!!!!
2010-09-13 11:07:11

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