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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Murder → Serial Lingerie Fetishist

David Russell Williams is a Canadian murderer and serial rapist, and former Colonel in the Canadian Air Force. He murdered and raped the corpses of several young women to satisfy a fetish for women's lingerie. Here you can see Colonel Russell Williams posing in lingerie of the murdered young women. He was arrested on February 7, 2010. Here you can see 48 pairs of stolen women's underwear discovered by police that was neatly stored, catalogued, and concealed.

As of October 18, 2010, Colonel Russell Williams remained a commissioned military officer and was still collecting his salary of estimated $128,220 to $143,400 per year.
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2015-02-18 09:27:12

He got the boot from the air force.He
also forfeited,all pay and other
2015-02-18 01:58:49

Russell Williams
Its Valentines day Bo Bendtsen, I'm going
to model all my sexy Victoria's Secret
lingeria for you (that I stole hehe). My
ass stinks.
2015-02-15 01:32:23

Russell Williams, former Colonel
>Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful<

The guy reading this is stroking off to my pictures. You want to fuck me don't you!
2015-02-13 09:28:52

bardo bohi
I don't really want to have sex with Russell. I'm aready enjoying sucking Bo's cock.
2015-02-13 02:38:39

Russell Williams
Oh no! I got a case of the blue waffles
after I fucked Bo Bendtsen at a clown
2015-02-09 23:51:24

bardo bohi
I'd love to eat Russell William's post-op tranny pussy!
2015-02-09 03:19:59

Bo Bendtsen, Administrator
I Love all my stank ass trolls!
2015-02-09 01:58:14

No I'm the queen of stank!
2015-02-09 01:57:33

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