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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Murder → Serial Lingerie Fetishist

David Russell Williams is a Canadian murderer and serial rapist, and former Colonel in the Canadian Air Force. He murdered and raped the corpses of several young women to satisfy a fetish for women's lingerie. Here you can see Colonel Russell Williams posing in lingerie of the murdered young women. He was arrested on February 7, 2010. Here you can see 48 pairs of stolen women's underwear discovered by police that was neatly stored, catalogued, and concealed.

As of October 18, 2010, Colonel Russell Williams remained a commissioned military officer and was still collecting his salary of estimated $128,220 to $143,400 per year.
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2017-09-19 11:00:48

Hurricane Irma
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2017-09-07 04:22:12

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2017-07-05 01:50:43

Russell Williams
They took away my rank and medals. I am no longer a colonel. Oh well, I never liked being a colonel anyway. People say things like "Williams is going to get ass-raped in prison" and things like that. They don't understand- it's all part of MY PLAN- my ingenious plan! Getting myself court marshalled and imprisoned was my plan all along. For what reason? Answer: gay sex of course! What a concept! Now I an having all the gay sex that I will ever need! You see- I really am smarter than you are!
2017-05-31 01:20:56

Jessica Winfield
The world is very cruel toward trans gendered people.

I am a male to female transwoman. I underwent genital surgery in 2017. A lot of people have been very mean to me because of my gender identity. People are indeed very cruel towards transwomen.

I was imprisoned for raping young girls. I am very sorry for my crimes. In prison I was constantly bullied and sexually assaulted. I was the only trans prisoner in the cell block so you can just imagine my suffering. One of the female guards in a fit of range tore off my testicles. My cellmate cut off my penis with a homemade knife. At that point I was already virtually sex-changed. Finally in 2017 I was granted a state funded gender reassignment surgery to construct a proper vagina and I served the rest of my sentence in a women's prison.
2017-05-15 05:38:31

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2016-11-16 07:14:48

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2016-11-07 22:07:07

@ staff

Was this site sold to bestgore?
2016-10-22 20:45:35

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