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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Murder → Serial Lingerie Fetishist

David Russell Williams is a Canadian murderer and serial rapist, and former Colonel in the Canadian Air Force. He murdered and raped the corpses of several young women to satisfy a fetish for women's lingerie. Here you can see Colonel Russell Williams posing in lingerie of the murdered young women. He was arrested on February 7, 2010. Here you can see 48 pairs of stolen women's underwear discovered by police that was neatly stored, catalogued, and concealed.

As of October 18, 2010, Colonel Russell Williams remained a commissioned military officer and was still collecting his salary of estimated $128,220 to $143,400 per year.
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Russell Williams, former colonel
look at my sexy pics. I bet you'd love to fuck my stinkhole.
2015-07-11 05:33:24

Russel Williams
i tried to escape from jail but the guards threw me back in my cell - with Bo Bendtsen
2015-07-04 23:55:53

Bo Bendtsen, Administrator

We have the technological means to extract your location from your computer. In other words we can find you.

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Hint: In case your pea brain hasn't figured it out - some of the photos displayed are of people that I have killed personally. The hacker knew this and trust me he shit his pants!

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DON'T YOU EVER FUCK WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2015-05-30 12:24:12

Bo Bendtsen, Administrator

Read the article 'suicidal death of the CharonBoat's "hacker" under the category 'suicide'.

In 2009 a guy hacked our site. We found him. He was so shocked when we found him that he shit his pants!

He shit his pants when he found him. Pieces of semi-liquid feces slid down his leg and out the pant leg of his shorts. What a pathetic site, the poor fucker! He stank like rotten eggs. He lost total control of his bowels! He fucking stank!!! You could see little pieces of corn in his shit sliding down his leg toward his shoes!

He killed himself to escape my wrath!

2015-05-15 07:11:53

Russell Williams, former Colonel
They took away my rank and medals. They burned my uniform.

~~~~But at least I still have my pride~~~~

Ladies..... I know you look at me with disgust as I wiggle my willy dressed in lingerie.

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. Hate me because I'm getting more attention from men than you prison!

I bet the handsome fella reading this comment would love to fuck me in the ass! I'm afraid you'll have to wait your turn...... You bad boy, you like me in lingerie. I bet you'd love to fuck me right in the ass!
2015-05-05 09:30:02

Russell Williams, former Colonel
Look at my pictures.

Ladies......Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. Women are jealous of me because I look so fabulous in lingerie.

Men...... Enjoy my sexy pics. Look at me, look at my photos. I know you can't help staring at my ass.

Look at my sweet ass
2015-05-04 02:29:02

Jack Crowe
Bo Bendtsen is huge at over 400 pounds. I served time in prison in the same cell block. I watched him rape his cell mate. Bo is a fucking monster.
2015-05-02 01:11:39

bardo bohi
2015-04-24 07:03:14

Bo Bendtsen, Administrator
2015-04-24 07:02:15

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