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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Murder → Serial Lingerie Fetishist

David Russell Williams is a Canadian murderer and serial rapist, and former Colonel in the Canadian Air Force. He murdered and raped the corpses of several young women to satisfy a fetish for women's lingerie. Here you can see Colonel Russell Williams posing in lingerie of the murdered young women. He was arrested on February 7, 2010. Here you can see 48 pairs of stolen women's underwear discovered by police that was neatly stored, catalogued, and concealed.

As of October 18, 2010, Colonel Russell Williams remained a commissioned military officer and was still collecting his salary of estimated $128,220 to $143,400 per year.
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Wiki: Russell Williams

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bardo bohi
'FBI' is quite a commentator. Too bad her cunt stinks
2015-01-27 02:10:37

bardo bohi
Can anyone tell me how to make a meme of
these pix?
2015-01-26 20:05:33

bardo bohi
Selfi much jackass!
2015-01-26 20:04:00

lols seems like a nice boy
2015-01-24 13:40:07

Russell Williams, former Colonel
I am indescribably ashamed of my crimes. I am currently serving my sentence in Quebec. You can't imagine what prison is like for me. I have been beaten and sodomized many times. I hope someday I will be forgiven.
2015-01-19 07:04:26

bardo bohi
Just beautiful darling now let me see
your cat face, meow wow peppy la pew
2015-01-08 06:10:30

bardo bohi
Right said Fred fucking genius darling I
think its time for a new dryer the old
one is stretching my undies
2015-01-08 06:07:12

bardo bohi
What an asshole faggot serial killer
forgot to complete the ansamble with
matching scarf and wig. I'm too sexy for
my body no way I'm disco dancing
2015-01-08 06:01:56

My cunt stinks.
2014-12-10 10:20:03

An individual AKA fred gilmore, bo bentsen,charonboat administrator,dr schultz,etc.,has been re-arrested for re-offending.He has been charged with the federal offences of computer hacking and criminal misuse of telecommunication equipment.As part of his interrogation process he was stripped naked and was given electrical shocks on his genitalia and rectum.He was then beaten senseless and when he came around forced to defaecate, fart and urinate in a squatting position on a raised platform in front of 50 persons and was compelled to eat and tongue clean the mess he had created.He is being kept in solitary confinement to a cell infested with rats, lice and creepy crawlies.
2014-12-09 10:09:16

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