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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Accident → Badly injured girl

A 17-year-old girl was badly injured after she collided with a vehicle while riding her bike.

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poor girl she was gorgous rest in peace. What a waste of life.
2011-01-03 00:34:42

afrikan lova
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2011-01-02 17:11:16

pobrecita ke dios la tenga en su gloria
2011-01-02 08:14:26

afrikan lova
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2010-12-31 13:29:56

afrikan lova
...and eat my shitz
2010-12-31 06:29:36

afrikan lova
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2010-12-31 05:57:17

Mike Hunt
@afrikan lova
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there, that's settled then ..
2010-12-31 00:26:28

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now fuck off and die you evil muj bastard and don't let me see you round here again - capish?
2010-12-31 00:23:46

afrikan lova
i eat cumz
2010-12-29 17:02:05

afrikan lova
i suck big cokz
2010-12-29 17:01:39

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