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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Accident → Badly injured girl

A 17-year-old girl was badly injured after she collided with a vehicle while riding her bike.

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She looks more dead than injured..
2016-05-03 08:49:08

Ben Hadd
Daniel Bednar are you available for

Do you have special reduced party rates?
2016-03-13 21:48:40

The Laughing Man
Fuck me in the ass-hard! Destroy my shithole!!!
2016-02-22 11:46:23

The Laughing Man

Tut tut the smut for a cut is luck and
the just is smut

i wish i would of killed instead of
being killed... i didnt mean to hurt
their boy, it was just i needed the
practice and his neck was so inviting,
he let me do it slowly to him

until his little body could take no
a helpless flesh sack of bones and
sinew at the age of 7

little more than a struggle i suppose
now son to the void
2015-10-03 04:53:04

Drug Induced Psychosis
Psychedelic drugs are making a comeback. Unfortunately the careless use of these substances can have devastating consequences. A young man from Cleveland violently sexually assaulted his own mother while in a delerious state. His delerium was said to have been caused by the substance known as 'Salvia'.
2015-09-09 19:41:39

Daniel Bednar
Bo Bendtsen raped me. I resisted him and he beat the fuck out of me. He forced his penis into my anus and then into my mouth. He hit me repeatedly in the face until I let him put his stained penis in my mouth. I gagged immediately and nearly choked on my own vomit. When he finished I puked and puked for about 2 hours. Nothing could have prepared me for Bo's wrath.
2015-08-26 07:05:27


Take a razor-sharp icepick and......and......and......and......ram it up my ass......once.

Wait...wait... Look at the trickle of blood running down my leg.

Now, put the icepick up my ass...twice in rapid succession......and......and......and......and.... ....RAM!...RAM!

Wait.........three prominent trickles of blood running down my leg.

Now, ram that icepick up my ass at will...RAM!...RAM!...RAM!...RAM!......turn my anus into swiss cheese!!

Let the blood poureth!!!!!

RAM FUCKING RAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2015-08-17 11:44:45

Mr van der Haagen, Founder&Manager
I would like to thank our advertising sponsors for supporting us, along with the Bendtsen family for providing quality administration.

Founded in 2006, we are a valuble educational resource centre. and our competitors such as, & aim to educate as well as entertain.

We, like many other 'shock sites', have been the subject of bitter lawsuits. On several occasions we have been forced to remove photos from our content. We do understand that relatives of dead or injured victims are angry when photos of the corpses or injuries are posted online without consent- which is very often distressing and hurtful to families.'s online stance is simple: It is our right to display whatever content we choose, and it is your right to view it.

Take time to appreciate life
2015-08-09 20:50:04

Eric "darklord" Minerault
I hate it when people use my name. darklord this, darklord that.

The person reading this better not make fun of me.

How about I stick an icepick up your fucking ass just in case. I'M GONNA SHOVE AN ICEPICK UP YOUR ASS!!!!! I'M GONNA RAM AN ICEPICK UP YOUR FUCKING ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bet the goof reading this doesn't have the balls to reply to this comment. You fucking COWARD!!!!!!!!!!
2015-08-07 05:47:15

morbo la llevaria a casa para deleitarme viendola pudrirse,tendida desnuda sobre mi cama,hasta convertirse en un patetico esqueleto con colgajos de carne poidrida,mientras yo me masturbaria escitado sexualmente por elmaravilloso espectaculo. Ademas mientras se iba pudriendo la follaria una y otra vez por el coño y por el ano
2015-08-03 19:48:47

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