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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Accident → Badly injured girl

A 17-year-old girl was badly injured after she collided with a vehicle while riding her bike.

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In March of this year the co-founder of this website commited suicide. The current administrator is currently facing criminal charges. The charges are unrelated to the death of the co-founder.
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Bo Bendtsen, administrator
The co-founder of this website(who was my close friend) recently committed suicide via drug overdose. The site staff members are saddened by his death. You can send your respect and condolonces by contacting us or simply by writing them in the comments section.
2014-05-11 05:04:42

2014-05-08 02:41:39

I'd hit it....but it looks like somebody else beat
me to it.... :(
2014-05-03 22:14:25

coach factory
coach factory
2014-04-18 15:03:30

I read The Busy Trap a few weeks ago and it really made me think, it still does. Same for Sarah's. I feel ctenecond with these reflections on quality time, slowness, and valuable moments where pleasure, or simple insightful thinking, takes the place of making , doing, accomplishing. I try to put these principles into practice in my daily life and feel a bit alone in this fight, surrounded by people that give their whole selves for a job that isn't theirs, but it is about working for the man , or for getting higher, sacrificing a big part of their being. I will always choose to spend and extra half hour with my husband than at work. I will always save one our for a reflective walk. Probably, I will always be as poor as I am now, and not good at many things, unable to focus and teach myself, but I will always feel on the right path, somehow.
2014-04-08 20:52:55

it, maybe it was in Blood Bones and Butter, but someone was takilng about how when people talk about eating locally, they are thinking of California. Some parts of the country, eating locally would mean meals devoid of many kinds of produce that we are used to just having all the time. I just shop at my local co-op these days, and while they emphasize local produce, they actually sent out an email last winter to address all the comments they get about Why isn't there a better variety of produce? Of course it's because they are trying to keep it local. and people truly didn't realize the limited things that are being grown at certain times of year. The amazing thing is that this is in the fertile Skagit Valley in washington state so it's not like we're not in a major agricultural climate! Anyway, I can forego those tomatoes in the winter, but I'm not giving up avocado! We don't grow any up here, so I'll just have to sacrifice somewhere else. :-)
2014-04-08 20:36:19

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(l-boy's brand{0}new rape hole)
2014-04-04 16:16:48

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