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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Accident → Shark mauls 4 Russian tourists at Red Sea resort

Sharks attacked Russian and Ukrainian tourists in the Red Sea off Egypt's Sharm-el-Sheikh resort on December 1, 2010. Four people were seriously injured in the shark attacks. One of the victims, a woman named as Lyudmila Stolyarova, born in 1940. Lyudmila Stolyarova was taken to a hospital in Sharm-el-Sheikh. The woman has been operated on: surgeons amputated her right leg below the knee, the right arm below the elbow and the fingers on her left hand.

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2011-04-16 20:47:59

The shark is equal oppurtunity eater. Anything
2011-04-16 16:55:34

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2011-04-16 15:06:19

Medic 59
Seen alot of shark bites, this looks more like a prop injury.
2011-04-16 05:39:44

와.. 상어 사우스 코리아에는 별로 안 출몰하지만 정말 아프겠다.. 죽었겠죠? 애도를...
2011-04-05 10:18:39

is that really true?
2011-04-05 06:04:59

good to see some Muslim men doing something helpful for once especially for a white woman in a 'gasp' bathing suit!
2011-03-19 09:56:34

Phat Afrikan (illegal) aka Afrikan Lova
damn me good white woman
2011-03-11 16:26:32

YOU PEOPLE ARE FUCKIN SICK THINKING THIS IS ACCEPTABLE TO TALK LIKE THAT ABOUT ANY HUMAN BEING. God WILL get ur asses. watch n see. enjoy eternity in fire! :) bunch of hateful sick fucks
2011-03-02 19:39:45

Would've been cool to have a close up and shots of the other 3 people.
2011-02-20 07:38:09

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