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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Accident → Shark mauls 4 Russian tourists at Red Sea resort

Sharks attacked Russian and Ukrainian tourists in the Red Sea off Egypt's Sharm-el-Sheikh resort on December 1, 2010. Four people were seriously injured in the shark attacks. One of the victims, a woman named as Lyudmila Stolyarova, born in 1940. Lyudmila Stolyarova was taken to a hospital in Sharm-el-Sheikh. The woman has been operated on: surgeons amputated her right leg below the knee, the right arm below the elbow and the fingers on her left hand.

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We need some better trolls on here. These trolls
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Charonboat, such a fucking letdown these days.
2010-12-31 15:08:41

afrikan lova
i sukz ukrainians bolz
2010-12-30 22:26:46

afrikan lova
ukrainins suck vietnamese and nigerian bollz
2010-12-30 19:38:23

Yeah I'm glad that I'm not on vacation down there anymore!
2010-12-30 16:55:29

afrikan lova
i eat shitz n drink blood.
2010-12-29 12:45:26

no certainly not, islam can fuckin rott, and long before i hit the dirt i be sure to burn that shit hole to the ground, with your whole kike family inside
2010-12-29 11:54:13

afrikan lova
omg i fuck this white ukrainian tourist 2 week before this attack
2010-12-29 11:46:55

ISLAM is GREATEST! ameriki great satan!
2010-12-29 06:53:13

@Ali, look man, the only use for islamic people is for spare part surgery, all islamics should be available for this so that if a jew from Tel Aviv or an American wants or needs a new heart or kidney then they should just arrest a healthy young islamic person take them into a special unit and remove the organs that are needed by the Jew and or American, after all, the islamic thing doesn't need it does it - of course not! So, you see Ali, inadvertantly, you 'are' of use to us, but until your organs are required STFU and keep your mouth shut - capish?
2010-12-29 00:52:46

my mosque is a pedo house
2010-12-29 00:42:48

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