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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Accident → Wrench

Surprisingly this man survived.

Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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2015-02-18 09:20:47

Bo Bendtsen
Fred Gilmore and Bo Bendtsen and many
other identities I have been using to
insult and make disparaging
comments.This is because of my
psychiatric issues.I suffer from
micropenis and finger-in-the-asshole
syndrome.I have a very small dik and I
bend over to sniff it then I put my
middle finger in my asshole and sniff
its like being high on glue.Someone
should punish me by shoving an icepick
up my ass
2015-02-18 04:53:50

Lemon party
I crapped in my depends and Bo Bendsten
enjoyed lapping up my nutty almond joy
2015-02-17 03:52:58

bardo bohi
@Lemon Party

Bardo here. Maybee we could suck each other again
2015-02-15 03:32:15

Lemon party
I don't get why that guy mark from
bestgore got arrested, I mean really this
is all fake anyway non of this is real
just a fucking ugly bardo, ohwell. Sharks
suck though don't like bullheads they can
swim up rivers.
2015-02-04 00:31:14

bardo bohi
Fuck me right up the ass until I bleed rectally.
2015-02-01 23:29:37

rich hate
@ 'FBI'

Ha! Bo bendtsen says your cunt Stinks
2015-01-27 03:46:33

rich hate
See what I see I think its awrench
2015-01-08 01:46:43

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2014-12-22 06:36:45

An individual AKA fred gilmore,bo bentsen,charonboat administrator,dr schultz,etc.,has been re-arrested for re-offending.He has been charged with the federal offences of computer hacking and criminal misuse of telecommunication equipment.As part of his interrogation process he was stripped naked and was given electrical shocks on his genitalia and rectum.He was then beaten senseless and when he came around forced to defaecate,fart and urinate in a squatting position on a raised platform in front of 50 persons and was compelled to eat and tongue clean the mess he had created.He is being kept in solitary confinement to a cell infested with rats, lice and creepy crawlies.
2014-12-09 10:07:54

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