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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Accident → Wrench

Surprisingly this man survived.

Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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frank bishop
Susan Bendtsen, the younger sister of the fat fuck, bo bendtsen is a skank and a LIAR!

She got frisky with me and sucked me off and ended up biting my cock supposedly by 'accident'. I was about to cum and she slammed her fist on my steel hard dick and literally broke it. I punched that skank and she slit my dick open with a nail clipper. I needed stitches and my fuckin cock is permanently bent in an L shape.

I ended up charged by the cops.

Fuck that shit!
2015-07-22 08:54:57

Bo Bendtsen, Administrator
~~Don't even think about hacking our site~~

In 2009 someone did hack our website

Check out the article under the category 'suicide'

If you are a potential hacker you might as well bend over so I can fuck you up the ass!

2015-07-16 19:59:36

RAM an icepick up my ass! Ram a razor sharp icepick right up my ass!!
2015-07-11 05:28:42

Church of Satan
Peter H. Gilmore:

As a teenager I experimented with LSD. It was during a trip that I realized my destiny.

I saw Satan staring at me. He told me I would be given dominion over a thousand tormented souls if I agree to a secret task. He told me to have intercourse with my biological mother.

So I did! I was tripping balls that night when I spread my mother's legs and slid my penis up her vagina. She struggled so I slapped her. I did her deep and hard! It felt good to cum in my mother's pussy!

It was then that I decided to become a Satanic priest
2015-07-06 05:27:44

I live in New Jersey in a state funded group home. Once in a while(but not often) at the dinner table I pick my bum at the table. Yesterday I snickered as I picked pieces from my anus and flicked it
2015-07-04 02:24:51

Не ну я понимаю нож,я понимаю дилдо, но
гаечный ключ, это верх.
2015-06-06 13:03:49

Martin Bendtsen, co Administrator
We would like to remind our viewers that this is an educational/informative website. We ask you to show restraint and respect when posting comments.

Bottom line - Don't be a TROLL
2015-06-03 08:59:26

Luigi Ariel Mendoza
what's new teachers an Maki Hojo becomes
Surprisingly this man survived.
2015-06-01 13:27:01

Russell Williams, former Colonel
Bo Bendtsen would love to fuck my sweet ass!
2015-05-05 06:12:49 has been SOLD
Our website has been sold due to financial difficulties.
The logos, photos, videos and intellectual property of will be acquired by and will be aquired by on March 1, 2015. will effectively no longer exist.

For more information
2015-02-18 09:20:47

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