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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Brutality → An 8-year-old Iranian boy punished for stealing bread

The 8-year-old boy's arm crushed under the truck as a punishment for stealing bread in... Iran.

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Fuck u all
2016-02-02 05:05:41

Little shit head deserves it. Stealing bread because he was hungry. You can't allow that shit.
2016-01-14 21:45:44

fuck them all!! i wanna kick his ass.. fuck the old man.
2015-12-02 15:10:29

What the fuck is wrong with this backward country? Its a little boy for fuck sake. Savages
2015-11-18 19:27:33

Hi everyone my name is Dan, I'm from and just want to say I'm a daft cunt who loves licking dirty assholes
2015-11-07 09:38:43

that collection of tnipyg did need some fixing. It's a little better, now, but I think I'll come back to that later.@Connie thanks! We are nearing the end of Captain Lewis' first set of adventures. I am nearly done with the novel, and I will be seeing where I can go with it. Versions will be made available for sale at and that is ideally how I'd like to get paid.
2015-10-02 13:28:32

Mihaaru mi genna Yahoodhee Team akee miraajjeygai miaakksaiy kurumuge huddha dheveyne bayeh noon. sababakee emeehun athugai qualification liyun libifai vanee emme meeheh. veadhi mihaathanah emeehunge liye kiyun thah husha halhaa fa eh nuvey. yahoo dheen nah dhivehin ,muslimun neh nudhakkaane.wassalaam.ema dhivehi rayyathun efadha naagaabil bayakah dhekkumakee eggothakah ves heyo vaavaruge bayeh noon.
2015-10-02 13:27:41

As long as he dresses like an Arab, and kiesss the ass of Ayatolah Khamanei and his cohorts, and does not stand for separation of Mosque and State and a constitutional reform, he still belongs to the stone ages and will not help bringing Iran into the 21st century.Khatami has already demonstrated that he is incapable of changing/reforming the clerical/akhoond rein/hold on the country. He is incapable of sending the clergy to Qom where they belong, and bring about a new constitution, independent of God and any religion including Islam.If he stands for changing IRI to simply Iran , dismantling the entire thugs/Basijis/Moral Police/Komitehs, and abolishing the Valayateh Faghih and its barbaric doctrine, I may consider him as a qualified candidate. Otherwise, he is nothing but continuation of the same shit as the past 30 years. Dump him.
2015-10-02 12:40:47

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