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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Crime → Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot at a grocery store in Tucson, AZ on 1/8/2011 and she has been rushed into surgery for a gunshot wound to the head. After several outlets reported she had died, a hospital spokesperson told that Giffords was alive and in surgery.

Giffords was first elected to represent Arizona's 8th District in 2006.
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shut u fuck
2011-01-20 12:08:26

Where is the video I heard that captured the
shooting in its entirety?
2011-01-19 13:24:16

What a pity shooting at a woman so nice;The gunner would have had a better idea hanging or strangling her so that her soft white neck could have been of some interest with a nice tie around it. Bullets ans bullets holes are really disgusting whereas watch a noose crush such a nice piece of flesh must be exiting! Cheer up Gabrielle, do it for us. A very thin rope is the better as it would make your neck swallow and become red and puRPle under the strain of the knot. We all would pefer to see you dangling from a rope rather than lying pouring all your blood on the city street. Consider Hanging Isabelle and give us some delightful sight of your body kicking and jerking as the noose slowly but merciless tightens and thightens round your gorgeous neck. What's the interest of having such a nice neck if it"s not to give it to a rope ! Do it Isabelle and be praised and remembered for that !!
2011-01-18 09:25:23

Ed Stewart
FCC suck my dicks
2011-01-17 12:17:02

2011-01-17 09:42:08

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i see the sea with niggas drowning and
fucked by sharks trying to reach white
lands on nigga canoes..good for the sharks
2011-01-17 04:46:26

2011-01-17 02:27:33

Warning from FCC
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The United States Federal Communictions Commission has been monitoring traffic on this website by United States citizens. This site has been declared off limits. Any violators will have their IP address copied and will prosecuted by the Federal Government. This takes effect at 0000 hours on Monday 1/17/11 Eastern Standard Time.
2011-01-17 00:28:00

Forest Whitefucker
i see world on future,white boys cleaning negros craks,white girls breedin blacks...mmmm future is beautiful
2011-01-16 21:44:21

loughner did a good job shootin jews,,,
2011-01-16 16:28:47

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