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Monday, July 23, 2007

WarWWII → Hanging Belarusian Partisans in Minsk (Belarus, U.S.S.R.) on 10/26/1941 (Set Four)

Three Belarusian partisans (one woman and two men) were hanged from a gate of Minsk Yeast Generator Plant by Nazi in Minsk (Belarus, U.S.S.R.) on 10/26/1941. The man was identified as Kiril Trus. The boy at the age of 16 years was identified as Volodia Shcherbatsevich (his mother was hanged from a crossbar in front of the building of National Academy of Science of Belarus on the same day; please see Hanging Belarusian Partisans in Minsk (Belarus, U.S.S.R.) on 10/26/1941 (Set Three). The hanged girl was officially identified as "unknown." They were members of the resistance in Minsk during Nazi occupation. They were hanged by soldiers of the Lithuanian auxiliary troops under the command of Major Impulyavichus.

Video: Download "hanging_masha_bruskina.wmv"

Lately the hanged girl was identified as Masha Bruskina who was a Jewess. This girl was also identified as Shura Linevich as well. One woman also identified this girl as Natasha who worked at the Minsk Military Hospital as a nurse assistance. Unfortunately no one could provide good quality photo images for her identifictaion. And this hanged girl is still identified as "unknown." We found one episode from an unknown movie (apparently it was made in Israel) about execution of Masha Bruskina and put it on the website. Belarus government is still denying the fact that the hanged girl was Masha Bruskina.

Wiki Article: Masha Bruskina

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We're all on the road to oblivion. Does it
really matter who kills who?
2011-11-19 23:55:00

lol stupid fucker.get your own identity. this bitch deserved to hang and i hope she danced for the nazis.
2011-10-28 08:08:17

hate me all you want but bitches got what they deserve. now who wants to suck on my hard brown cock?
2011-10-27 15:59:22

love the 8th photo down from the top. thats a nice face. she danced like a good little bitch should
2011-10-22 00:08:16

partizan heheheh fuck partizan GERMANY
2011-09-25 16:30:26

The sign she's wearing in the seventh photo is
different than the one she wears in others. Eh? Did the
Russians have photoshop or did the Germans change
their minds?
2011-08-20 10:00:37

If her ‘crime’ was courage against immorality then she was obviously guilty to the end.
2011-08-13 00:55:18

Was ist los hier?..If she was geswollen und gesloshen like the sign says, just give her the day off...Don't gehangen her...I'd still gefuck her though..Seig..
2011-08-08 22:07:10

pierre arteau reply

one of reasons jews hated because they where rich not all of course but lots where had pawn shops and money and they seen has mean.
2011-06-10 15:23:32

Вадим Зинчук
А ты мальчика* видел глаза,
Перед казнью в захваченном Минске?
И на шее удавкой петля,
Полицаи кругом и фашисты.

41-й, холодный октябрь,
Он,как мог, помогал нашим пленным,
Никого из них близко не знал,
Но товарищем был для них верным.

А гестапо схватило его,
И на смерть осудили жестоко,
А фотограф на пленку снимал,
Чтобы видели, как ему плохо.

Он по городу гордо прошел,
Ни слезинки, ни стонов, ни охов,
И смотрел потрясенный народ,
Как мальчишка-герой шел на плаху.

2011-05-14 07:10:49

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