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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Terrorism → World Trade Center jumpers (09/11)

The September 11, 2001 attacks consisted of a series of coordinated terrorist suicide attacks by Islamic extremists on that date upon the United States of America. The hijackers intentionally crashed two of the airliners (United Airlines Flight 175 and American Airlines Flight 11) into the World Trade Center in New York City, one plane into each tower (1 WTC and 2 WTC), resulting in the collapse of both buildings soon afterward and irreparable damage to nearby buildings.

1366 people died who were at or above the floors of impact in the North Tower (1 WTC). As many as 600 people were killed instantly or trapped at or above the floors of impact in the South Tower (2 WTC). At least 200 people jumped to their deaths from the burning towers.

Wiki: The Falling Man

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A D A M!
Okay, piglet, you're an asshole.
fucking terrorist Muslims go to hell.
This is so awfull. But to be completely honest to you. I don't think i would have jumped. And if i really had to, i would have atleast tried doing as many flips as i could.
But this is awfull.
2009-09-14 22:43:04

living hell on earth... fucx terrorist!
2009-09-07 09:37:49

What th h@ll is a "moslem"??
2009-08-31 04:06:47

senior dumbass is right...After 9/11, most were removed from films out of respect. That's just such a stupid thing for you to say.
2009-08-31 04:04:31

I live and have lived in NY my entire life. I've been to
the observatory on the 107th floor many times. of
course they existed.. dumbass
2009-08-24 22:52:52

Fake! The twin towers never even existed in the first place. They are absent in many pics and films prior to 2001 and I myself was in NY in -84 and I donĀ“t recall seeing them...
2009-08-18 23:14:17


I'll use as desktop wallpaper
2009-08-18 20:18:27

i love it death to usa
2009-08-16 02:00:25

piglet...imagine that being you. and really think about it. i doubt you would be singing that song while your falling from a building you ignorant fuck. and dont be changing the meaning of a good tom petty song asshole
2009-08-15 18:48:43

These images still disturb me even after these years since 9/11. These are the pictures of the last few moments of a persons life. All their dreams and aspirations were brutally ended on that day. The only good thing one can say is that their deaths were mercifully quick and they would have not suffered.
I hate to say this, but on that day, we all saw the true face of Islam.
2009-08-15 01:14:46

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