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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Executions → Punishment by amputation of the penis

Punishment of the rapist by amputation of his penis by Arab tribesmen in Yemen.

Video: Download "penis_amputation_punishment.wmv"

Amputation of the penis and castration were the common penalties for male homosexual behavior as well.
Towards the end of the eighteenth century castration was revived as a penalty by Thomas Jefferson. Section XIV of Jefferson's comments stem from "A Bill for Proportioning Crimes and Punishments" reads as follows: "Whosoever shall be guilty of rape, polygamy, or sodomy with man or woman, shall be punished; if a man, by castration, a woman, by boring through the cartilage of her nose a hole of one half inch in diameter at the least."

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the girl is like oh crap that guy had a good dick, now who's gonna hit me like that... XD
2009-11-05 22:09:22

This looks like it's a scene cut off a movie..
2009-10-30 17:29:34

First they circumcised him then they went the whole way and chopped off his dick. Ouch!
2009-10-16 13:31:51

GOD! how fake can it get?! That was some good old movie affects there, like in the Terminator, when he goes to take his injured eye out and it shows camera shots of a robot, the next minute its the real Arnie! And that was a dildo for sure! releasing light red or purple blood as said! when desected by a machete or what ever it was, lol. Well done those who gave the correct terminology.
2009-10-15 01:32:44

One word : OWNED
2009-09-22 22:41:14

Alaina the one and only GIRL rapist mmm mmm good
lol thats funny haha wow
2009-09-20 05:45:37

Ted Bundy
The blood looks fake, and the dick looks like a cheap sex toy made in china
2009-08-16 12:07:51

Like chopping his nuts too
2009-08-09 11:10:42

looks like a movie it must be fake the cut was to clean and blood came to quick and light red 'o' yea hes dark as hell but his junk is white
2009-08-06 07:45:08

amanda ronquillo
its fake because its cuts to close ups like a movie. and then cuts to close ups of her face!! besides, the guy was scared he was going to lose his chunk of manhood, it wouldn't be at full attention while waiting, it would have retracted 2 inches inward if this was real!!
2009-08-06 04:32:32

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