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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Executions → Punishment by amputation of the penis

Punishment of the rapist by amputation of his penis by Arab tribesmen in Yemen.

Video: Download "penis_amputation_punishment.wmv"

Amputation of the penis and castration were the common penalties for male homosexual behavior as well.
Towards the end of the eighteenth century castration was revived as a penalty by Thomas Jefferson. Section XIV of Jefferson's comments stem from "A Bill for Proportioning Crimes and Punishments" reads as follows: "Whosoever shall be guilty of rape, polygamy, or sodomy with man or woman, shall be punished; if a man, by castration, a woman, by boring through the cartilage of her nose a hole of one half inch in diameter at the least."

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If this vid isnt faked i'm Donald Duck! :p
2009-02-26 16:35:18

Fake movie
2009-02-13 01:24:32

for being a black man his penis sure looked white. lol.
2009-01-18 12:21:34

I have to agree with "jimmy". I saw this once on an old "faces of death" movie, or something like that.

As for Thomas Jefferson, he was a real phoney. He had dozens of bastard children out of wedlock and owned many black slaves. Seems he went softer on the ladies, too; I think I'd prefer a hole through the nose!
2009-01-09 16:40:09

this is obviously a fiction movie, not real footage.
2008-12-31 18:58:48

his wife is sooo disapointed hahaha
2008-12-31 17:25:04

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