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Friday, July 27, 2007

WarWWII → Victim of atomic bombing of Hiroshima

The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were nuclear attacks during World War II against the Empire of Japan by the United States of America under US President Harry S. Truman. On August 6, 1945, the first choice target, Hiroshima, was having clear weather. At 8:15 a.m. (local time), the Enola Gay's door sprang open and dropped "Little Boy." The bomb exploded 1,900 feet above the city and only missed the target, the Aioi Bridge, by approximately 800 feet. Staff Sergeant George Caron, the tail gunner, described what he saw: "The mushroom cloud itself was a spectacular sight, a bubbling mass of purple-gray smoke and you could see it had a red core in it and everything was burning inside... It looked like lava or molasses covering a whole city..." The cloud is estimated to have reached a height of 40,000 feet.

Video: Download "hiroshima_atomic_bombing.wmv"

Hiroshima's population has been estimated at 350,000; approximately 70,000 died immediately from the explosion and another 70,000 died from radiation within five years. A survivor described the damage to people: "The appearance of people was... well, they all had skin blackened by burns... They had no hair because their hair was burned, and at a glance you couldn't tell whether you were looking at them from in front or in back... They held their arms bent [forward] like this... and their skin - not only on their hands, but on their faces and bodies too - hung down... If there had been only one or two such people... perhaps I would not have had such a strong impression. But wherever I walked I met these people... Many of them died along the road - I can still picture them in my mind -- like walking ghosts..."

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why the hell ithe mouther fuk did
2012-01-11 21:00:28

basterds fuk you
2012-01-11 20:59:13

wow sobrang lakas tlaga ng atomoic bomb
grabe napasuko ng usa ang japan dhil sa
pagpapasabog nla sa hiroshima at nagazaki
2012-01-11 11:19:01

Awesome saying Leopard Totally AWESOME. Right now i have to do a project about atomic bombs
2011-12-29 21:44:10

We gave the Japanese 2 times to surrender they
thought we were bluffing as you can clearly see
we weren't. It was the Japanese fault we gave the
there chance and they didn't take it. The
Japanese played with fire and they finally got
2011-12-22 06:12:53

Does anyone of you tards know why Japan
attacked Pearl Harbour??
Do you know why USA joined the WW2?
None of you know the f history so stfu
and be tards to the rest of your life
this is why you can do best.
2011-12-20 17:02:26

Educated American
The Japanese Emperor HIMSELF, in his speech to the
nation shortly after the bombings, said clearly that
the reason for his surrender was the atomic
bombings. Is that not proof enough? Some of you
posting here have some wacky ideas about that era,
without actually doing the research.

It's also worth noting that when the bombing sites
have been proposed as UNESCO "World Heritage
Sites", other nations (China and others) have
objected, due to the fact that the deaths in Japan
from those bombings are FAR outnumbered by the
massive deaths inflicted by the Japanese forces

Some of you should be thankful to the U.S. for
stepping up, protecting your asses and maintaining
relative stability throughout the decades.
2011-12-19 05:30:44

why United States stopped at Iwo Jima? they re with fire in their asses to throw those little demons in japanese soil
2011-12-18 02:00:44

fuck President Harry S. Truman he is burning in hell for what he did to japan !!!!!!!!!!!! hey harry fuck you son of bitch
2011-12-18 01:57:55

we are nothing
first of all, no one 'deserves' this cruelty. I wouldn't
even wish my worst enemy this suffering.
2011-12-14 19:22:55

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