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Friday, July 27, 2007

WarWWII → Victim of atomic bombing of Hiroshima

The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were nuclear attacks during World War II against the Empire of Japan by the United States of America under US President Harry S. Truman. On August 6, 1945, the first choice target, Hiroshima, was having clear weather. At 8:15 a.m. (local time), the Enola Gay's door sprang open and dropped "Little Boy." The bomb exploded 1,900 feet above the city and only missed the target, the Aioi Bridge, by approximately 800 feet. Staff Sergeant George Caron, the tail gunner, described what he saw: "The mushroom cloud itself was a spectacular sight, a bubbling mass of purple-gray smoke and you could see it had a red core in it and everything was burning inside... It looked like lava or molasses covering a whole city..." The cloud is estimated to have reached a height of 40,000 feet.

Video: Download "hiroshima_atomic_bombing.wmv"

Hiroshima's population has been estimated at 350,000; approximately 70,000 died immediately from the explosion and another 70,000 died from radiation within five years. A survivor described the damage to people: "The appearance of people was... well, they all had skin blackened by burns... They had no hair because their hair was burned, and at a glance you couldn't tell whether you were looking at them from in front or in back... They held their arms bent [forward] like this... and their skin - not only on their hands, but on their faces and bodies too - hung down... If there had been only one or two such people... perhaps I would not have had such a strong impression. But wherever I walked I met these people... Many of them died along the road - I can still picture them in my mind -- like walking ghosts..."

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Fuck you kanjo
2011-07-15 22:45:23

actually the pilots that carried this out
never cheered or even spoke after they
dropped the first bomb. some were
interviewed and alot considered suicide
2011-06-27 21:17:43

Us Americans did this ??? We should be
ashamed in ourselves :'(
2011-06-23 17:14:43

i think he looks hot personaly is he avail;able???
2011-06-20 06:10:41

The photographs of the person described as a victim of the Hiroshima atomic bomb is NOT a victim of the atomic bomb. He has leprosy. If you don't wish to trust me in this, send the picture to Japanese NHK broadcasting and they will verify it from their programming.
2011-06-13 04:40:16

He still has a fine looking pair of
2011-06-10 18:45:05

i'm not supporting any view here, just saying. "basically over" is not as quick as OVER. it couldn't have been THAT close to being over if they didnt surrender after the first bomb.
2011-06-07 05:50:50

2011-05-05 09:14:58

일본은 없
2011-05-04 04:12:17

I feel the world is damned and gone bad, time to hit the kill switch and start over
2011-04-30 20:49:42

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