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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

ExecutionsBeheading → Nick Berg beheading (05/07/2004)

Nicholas Berg was an American businessman seeking telecommunications work in Iraq after the US invasion of Iraq. He was abducted and later beheaded in May 2004 by Iraqi militants. The CIA claimed that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi personally beheaded Berg.

Video: Download "nick_berg_beheading.wmv"

The decapitation, the first of a series of such killings of foreign hostages in Iraq, received worldwide attention because it was videotaped, and the footage was subsequently released on the Internet, reportedly from London to a Malaysian hosted homepage by the Islamic organization al-Ansars.

Wiki Article: Nick Berg

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gross i feel bad for that guy is this
2012-07-01 01:43:48

Can we not all get along?
2012-06-24 03:02:37

The only good muslims are the dead ones.
Let's kill'em all.
2012-06-23 20:52:51

What the..........!? Ok now that's just disghusting. What do terrorists and other murderers have to prove? How much of a badass they think they are? No matter what religion they are, no matter what race, if you kill someone on purpose like that, all you're proving is that you're going to hell for sure. Yuck.
2012-05-31 22:31:47

Allahu Akbar! islam will dominate the world!!!!!
2012-05-21 22:53:03

The harsh punishment these for these animals that cut heads of innocent men & women should have their loved ones killed the same way only then that would put a stop to this extreme behavior. I want to know how they can live with themselves? Must have really bad background/upbringing to pull such a horrid stunt. I hope they starve to death. These are not men these people are evil sons of bitches that walk this earth. Im truly disgusted that these animals even breath air. May hell burn their evil souls & take their families with them. Bastards
2012-05-21 16:39:41

Jesus himself
Got what he deserved the greendy cunt. muslims still smell
2012-05-16 20:06:45

Fuck The ISLAM !!!
2012-05-12 11:09:05

THAT is what happens to a jew in a muslim
country! Hope it was worth the $$$ nicky!
2012-04-30 00:54:30


If I could click my fingers and kill every fucking
muslim man,women and child. fucking pun jabi
Arab cunts in the world I wouldn't hesitate 4 a
second u descusting animals.
come england and fuck my sister i do with he even anal sex.
2012-04-26 03:09:36

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