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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

ExecutionsBeheading → Nick Berg beheading (05/07/2004)

Nicholas Berg was an American businessman seeking telecommunications work in Iraq after the US invasion of Iraq. He was abducted and later beheaded in May 2004 by Iraqi militants. The CIA claimed that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi personally beheaded Berg.

Video: Download "nick_berg_beheading.wmv"

The decapitation, the first of a series of such killings of foreign hostages in Iraq, received worldwide attention because it was videotaped, and the footage was subsequently released on the Internet, reportedly from London to a Malaysian hosted homepage by the Islamic organization al-Ansars.

Wiki Article: Nick Berg

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Endgame, where are you from, I'm in Texas.
2011-02-26 19:41:20

Hahaha, Wow, I guess that just goes to show how ambiguous these comments can be!! You can take your first comment as someone's pro Islam comment, or an anti Islamic comment.
2011-02-26 19:38:16

Just so this is clear, I am anti Islam, I meant the complete erasure of islamic peoples. Genocide of their kind, and by the loss of friends I meant childhood friends that have now passed serving our country in the fight against islamic extremisim in Kuwait, Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan. By may allah help you, I meant that's the only thing left they have. I'm so angry I feel for the first time in my life It's time to cross the line and take an offensive action. I just wonder how many more thousands of us (Americans) have to die before we get the fact the this has to be done they Islam) are not stopping!
2011-02-26 02:41:44

Endgame, you seem to not know why the West is in the Middle East. Why do you think America buys Middle Eastern Oil? To bleed you dry. We don't have to buy Middle Eastern Oil, we probably have more oil in Texas (and remember, we also have Alaska) than in all of the Middle East, by the time you and Allah know whats going on, not only will you be living in a desert, but you wont have any oil money comming in. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA
2011-02-25 22:57:29

Keep pushing the buttons. Children of islam take notice. You don't want to light this fire. I hope the genocide of the islamic peoples makes the japanese and hitler look like a frolic in the park. I hope I'm on the front line killing you f'ing bastards. my GOD will prevail! The meek will inherit the earth but only after the real men erase your existence. If any more of my friends die, may allah help you. I'll be the ghost tracking.....
2011-02-25 06:28:54

Nicholas Berg
This is a jew, don't care about. Iraq war did by jew power. Jews have just what they give to others. Hope they will reopen camps for them soon.
2011-02-25 01:27:47

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2011-02-24 23:04:21

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2011-02-21 16:34:17

Kill 'Em All
I wish we would just nuke the entire Middle East!! FUCK THEM!!!
2011-02-13 21:01:45

»☠✯♚♀~Latin King~♀♚✯☠«
now dat shit worse den uz SD damn
2011-02-11 23:17:03

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