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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

ExecutionsBeheading → Nick Berg beheading (05/07/2004)

Nicholas Berg was an American businessman seeking telecommunications work in Iraq after the US invasion of Iraq. He was abducted and later beheaded in May 2004 by Iraqi militants. The CIA claimed that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi personally beheaded Berg.

Video: Download "nick_berg_beheading.wmv"

The decapitation, the first of a series of such killings of foreign hostages in Iraq, received worldwide attention because it was videotaped, and the footage was subsequently released on the Internet, reportedly from London to a Malaysian hosted homepage by the Islamic organization al-Ansars.

Wiki Article: Nick Berg

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kill the rags
we need to nuke all towel heads
2010-07-22 01:22:39

this is islam
all non muslim must die this way now get to it muslim
2010-07-14 16:57:56

Still photo's are bad enough - I cannot
watch a video. I pray for the soul of Nicholas Berg / also pray for the end
of ALL VIOLENCE worldwide. War is war,
but what happened to this man is unspeakable.
2010-07-10 20:43:57

shit disgusting
2010-07-08 20:44:31

Pure. Fucking. Ownage. Hope more yankee scum die like this.
2010-07-05 20:17:19

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2010-06-25 07:03:00

who is nik berg??
2010-06-17 18:38:27

Worship god!!!
die die die die die die dekapitate dekapitate!!!
2010-06-11 06:30:45

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2010-06-07 05:27:40

To: a guy under with 3 comments
lol..if we are be like what it is, that is just great. but did u have much more to say..speak up asshole! ha ha ha!!! we will never stop killing u when u still never stop codemning our religion. keep it that way so that would be the reasons for kill you.
2010-06-06 19:59:21

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