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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

ExecutionsBeheading → Nick Berg beheading (05/07/2004)

Nicholas Berg was an American businessman seeking telecommunications work in Iraq after the US invasion of Iraq. He was abducted and later beheaded in May 2004 by Iraqi militants. The CIA claimed that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi personally beheaded Berg.

Video: Download "nick_berg_beheading.wmv"

The decapitation, the first of a series of such killings of foreign hostages in Iraq, received worldwide attention because it was videotaped, and the footage was subsequently released on the Internet, reportedly from London to a Malaysian hosted homepage by the Islamic organization al-Ansars.

Wiki Article: Nick Berg

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Why this happen to American?
Because Jews killed innocent Palestine kids.
Because Jews grabbed Palestine land.
Because Jews bombed Palestinian.
Because US gave 'green light'.
Because US supplied weapons to Israel.
Because US didn't cared about Palestinian.
Because US 'loved' Israel.
Because US didn't 'see' Palestinian suffered almost everyday.
Because US attacked Afghanistan.
Because US attacked Iraq.
Because US want to attack Iran.
Because US want to attack Syria.
Because US is Israel.
Because Israel is Unwanted Shits Asshole.
2009-04-17 17:54:07

Its not Islam, Its Zionazi Christianity which is causing all the wars in middle east, Jews have no rights in middle east but Christian thugs are trying to destroy middle east in the name of defense of Israel.
2009-04-02 16:56:33

more like
2 min of pain
2009-04-02 15:32:17

Hey Mic, your comment about digging up a whole bunch righteous Christian shit explaining how they burned and slaughtered people out of ignorance may be true but very very OUTDATED!!! The difference is EVOLUTION. ISLAM is still stuck in the dark ages.
2009-03-31 03:00:42

the blood in your head contains enough oxygen to keep u going for about 8 seconds. thats how long you would feel it
2009-03-28 04:04:20

You think that it would hurt for long? I mean like more then a few seconds? if it did, this would suck.
2009-03-11 21:18:33

what are they trying to propve whith that
2009-03-06 11:16:04

It's not ALL of the arabs. Just the radical groups. I could dig up a whole bunch of your righteous Christian shit explaining how you burned and slaughtered people out of ignorance.
2009-02-27 05:26:00

2009-02-22 02:21:45

itz gud
2009-02-20 22:07:29

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