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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Murder → Assasination of Sheikh Ahmed Ismail Yassin (03/22/2004)

Sheikh Ahmed Ismail Yassin was the co-founder (with Abdel Aziz al-Rantissi) and the spiritual leader of the militant Palestinian Islamist organization of Hamas, originally calling it the Palestinian Wing of the Muslim Brotherhood. In addition to being nearly blind, he was a paraplegic and had to use a wheelchair after a playground accident in his youth. He was assassinated by an Israeli helicopter gunship.

Ahmed Yassin was killed in an Israeli attack on March 22, 2004. While he was being wheeled out of an early morning prayer session, an Israeli helicopter gunship fired Hellfire missiles at Yassin and both of his bodyguards. They were killed instantly, along with nine other bystanders.

Wiki Article: Ahmed Yassin

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Happens on a daily basis in the Ghan..., does anyone else here that Queen song in their heads 'another one bites the dust' when they look at stuff like this?
2011-02-26 09:47:27

fuck all you racist furfags
2011-02-20 07:48:45

Me like
One more of SatanĀ“s disciples going to hell.
2011-02-18 08:20:38

Take that muzzie, I will see your kind in hell. Me and the good lord Satan will be torturing for all eternity.
2011-01-19 22:33:08

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2011-01-17 10:49:04

Good fucking spectacular
2011-01-17 10:48:01

Good fucing sepectacular
2011-01-17 10:47:28

ahmad rabbani
i love syeikh yasin
2011-01-07 08:31:54

Too bad. Real waste of a missile though. Should have his leftovers fed to pigs.
2011-01-05 20:51:13

Fakest pics i have ever seen.
2010-12-22 10:00:15

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