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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Murder → Assasination of Sheikh Ahmed Ismail Yassin (03/22/2004)

Sheikh Ahmed Ismail Yassin was the co-founder (with Abdel Aziz al-Rantissi) and the spiritual leader of the militant Palestinian Islamist organization of Hamas, originally calling it the Palestinian Wing of the Muslim Brotherhood. In addition to being nearly blind, he was a paraplegic and had to use a wheelchair after a playground accident in his youth. He was assassinated by an Israeli helicopter gunship.

Ahmed Yassin was killed in an Israeli attack on March 22, 2004. While he was being wheeled out of an early morning prayer session, an Israeli helicopter gunship fired Hellfire missiles at Yassin and both of his bodyguards. They were killed instantly, along with nine other bystanders.

Wiki Article: Ahmed Yassin

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The kool aid guy is the killer...look at pic #1!
2010-10-08 08:14:45

2010-09-15 23:07:59

butcher baby
kill em all we need to do what we did in ww2 its the only way to make sure the war is over thats our problem in america we have gotten soft if this happened 60 yrs ago these muslim fucks would be dead by now
2010-09-09 21:44:14

Islam is a piece of shit. i wish you arabs and jews and all of you middle eastern shit would keep out of the western world! if you think your system is better why is it that there are so many of you disgusting fucks over here?! even though we lose some of our comrades in iraq and afghanistan im proud of western men shooting sub-human muslims. your fucking stupid twisted societies are the worst in the modern world.
2010-09-01 04:55:03

you are in a better place Mr.Ahemd, God will never let you down, God=Justice, and Justice will occur sooner or later for the Palestinians and their country will be back, and neither muslims or christians or jews are terrorist but people use religion as their way to hate each other, and God will judge every one at the end because he loves us all equally
Muslim and Proud
2010-08-06 22:08:16

2010-07-09 18:15:43

israel will pay for all terrorist acts; I
am muslim and stupide people never will
understand islam
2010-07-02 04:07:25

2010-07-01 22:34:01

"But im sure you wouldnt say
things like 'One more towelheaded
cocksucking pedo jihadi asshole down.
Great shit, people.' in front of me :)"

I'd be happy to! >:D
2010-06-30 13:24:37

"a muslim
isnt a terrorist STOP IT"
Never said they were. I've worked with some fine Muslims. This fucktard was a feral terrorist animal who got what he deserved. Don't care if he was in a wheelchair. He was a shittalking rabblerouser and needed to be put down.
2010-06-30 13:23:21

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