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Friday, June 8, 2007

AccidentTsunami → Indian Ocean tsunami (12/26/2004)

The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, which had a magnitude of 9.0 to 9.3, triggered a series of lethal tsunami on December 26, 2004, that killed approximately 300,000 people (including 168,000 in Indonesia alone), making it the deadliest tsunami as well as one of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history.

Video: Download "tsunami_12_26_2004.wmv"

The tsunami killed people over an area ranging from the immediate vicinity of the quake in Indonesia, Thailand, and the north-western coast of Malaysia, to thousands of kilometres away in Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, and even as far away as Somalia, Kenya, and Tanzania in eastern Africa.

Wiki Article: Tsunami

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The 3rd pic down from the top that shows people running from a huge wave is NOT a pic of the asian Tsunami. It was taken during the annual tidal bore on the Quiantang river in China. A video of it can be seen here: .html
2009-09-13 17:03:40

fuck islam
i hope more die painfullly
2009-09-04 04:13:14

convert to islam
hahaha....need more nukes to wipe out islam....bend over for mohammed you islamic pig eaters
2009-09-04 04:12:17

Some people just stood there and stared like "OOH LOOK! BIG WAVE! LOOKIT ALL THE WATER!" When they should have been running like fuck.

2009-08-28 20:03:45

"one or two are real the rest are fake - look at the pixelation ... he must be a sad git"

Probably because the were captured by cell phone cameras. You dumbfuck.
2009-06-01 02:39:00

why, when we have video of this event does someone bother posting fake pics like these?

one or two are real the rest are fake - look at the pixelation ... he must be a sad git
2009-05-28 18:58:16

2009-05-26 11:20:35

this is so sad. i hope they all rest in peace and the survivors got/are getting the best help possible x
2009-04-29 19:56:36

Waoh the tsunami kill a lot of people but i see a bether video in discovery channel T_T
2009-04-14 20:30:53

2009-02-14 03:34:49

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