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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Interesting → Anaconda under pressure

Anaconda regurgitates an entire hippopotamus trying to avoid capture.

Video: Download "anaconda_under_pressure.wmv"

Due to its slow metabolism, an anaconda can go a long time between meals. A large animal may keep it going several months. One anaconda in captivity lived for two years without eating. Anaconda is the only natural predator of the jaguar, Amazonia's largest mammalian predator. There are a few stories of large snakes killing humans (reticulated python; the article is coming soon), but not many of them swallowing humans. The main reason, according to snake experts, is that snakes begin swallowing their prey at the head and with humans, the snake is confronted with a major obstacle when it gets to the shoulders. Snakes can ingest remarkably large creatures, but need a more gradual contour to do it.

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