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Saturday, June 9, 2007

AccidentTsunami → Victims of Indian Ocean tsunami (12/26/2004) (Set 1)

The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, which had a magnitude of 9.0 to 9.3, triggered a series of lethal tsunami on December 26, 2004, that killed approximately 300,000 people (including 168,000 in Indonesia alone), making it the deadliest tsunami as well as one of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history.

This victims were not identified.

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omg this is the same day as my birthday and this is sad :(
2011-08-06 12:40:37

Your name
I find the necrophilic and perverted comments
interesting. Here's a special message to you,
you greasy-haired little freak rejects that
think it's funny or cute to post things like
that: karma is a bitch and it is comin to get
you.... so keep those comments coming. You're
gonna have to pay the asshole tax for your
bullshit and karma does not care about color
or creed.

To CharonBoat: thank you for providing a good
perspective on life and mortality. It is
images like these that keep me anchored and
reminded that it doesn't take much to end up
on that cold metal slab.
2011-08-05 02:48:16

tone chango
It sad that the responses on this site are disgusting and disrespectful to the decease. I pray that all who repsonded horrificly die in this same manner or worse.
2011-07-31 16:05:17

second picture had her crotch zoomed in on the bottom corner ... how gratuitous
2011-07-30 09:47:09

hmmmm! thats edit
2011-07-28 15:18:44

God preserve us from the torment of hell now
2011-07-28 09:05:24

just bloated rotting negros whats sexy about thet fer fucks sake ?!
2011-06-20 02:58:52

i would looove to play with thos tits and jizz all over them
2011-06-18 23:30:24

2011-06-18 21:15:08

snootch your into necrophilia mate
2011-06-11 10:14:04

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