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Saturday, June 9, 2007

AccidentTsunami → Victims of Indian Ocean tsunami (12/26/2004) (Set 1)

The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, which had a magnitude of 9.0 to 9.3, triggered a series of lethal tsunami on December 26, 2004, that killed approximately 300,000 people (including 168,000 in Indonesia alone), making it the deadliest tsunami as well as one of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history.

This victims were not identified.

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what a stink up pass the dettol
2011-06-08 19:04:14

Theres something so awesome about viewing
these kinds of pictures..... why is that?
2011-05-22 22:30:02

These women all have big, beautiful, firm breasts because they are dead and BLOATED. They are bloated from all the gasses produced by bacteria during decomposition. It's also why they are puffy, weird colors, their tongues are sticking out, and they probably smell horrible. None of the women had breasts that looked like this when they were alive. Oh, and if you don't like these types of pictures, STOP paying for the Internet. Keep speech and the Internet FREE of censorship.
2011-04-02 02:20:32

I don't get it, how come the first one is red and yellow??
2011-03-20 14:27:53

Perv i have to agree why is it the girls with a giftedd chested dying
2011-03-16 03:11:50

What the HECK are you doing on this site? is only for people who want to view graphic pictures. If you can't handle to see these pictures then why are you here? GET LOST.. weak heart people!
2011-03-13 01:01:31

Damn! That is sweet. Do all dead girls have such lovely tits?
2011-03-12 06:23:01

what in the FUCK is wrong with most of you people?
you people are fucking DISGUSTING. i dont know what
is more horrifying, the comments or the pictures.
2011-03-11 07:25:10

Eric el niƱo
que bueno que murieron estos hijos de puta
2011-03-08 21:18:21

very bad......bhagabn in logo ki atma ko
shanti de....
2011-01-30 09:40:59

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