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Friday, August 10, 2007

War → Unborn child was shot by Israeli soldier

The Palestinian pregnant woman was shot accidently in her womb by an Israely soldier on November 8, 2006 in the Gaza Strip. Fortunatelly, the woman survived with a result of her uterus amputation. But the foetus died from bullet wound instantly.

The Gaza Strip is a coastal strip of land along the Mediterranean, bordering Egypt on the south-west and Israel on the north and east. It has about 1.4 million residents, all Palestinians. The Gaza Strip is not currently recognized internationally. The Gaza Strip is controlled by Hamas since June 14, 2007. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which is part of the Arab-Israeli conflict, is an ongoing dispute between two peoples, Jewish Israelis and Arab Palestinians, who both claim the right to sovereignty over the Land of Israel/Palestine in whole or in part. The November 2006 Beit Hanoun incident occurred on 8 November 2006 when the Israel Defense Forces shelled the Gaza Strip town of Beit Hanoun , killing 19 Palestinians and wounding more than 40.

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Peace Religion!
The muslims want to have peace but you are not, so all muslims have the answer now!
To all muslims around the world: together we as a team against satan and his fellows, prepare from now my brother... kill them all!!
2009-10-26 04:18:53

one more muslim down....for the love of
all that is right and just; genocide them
2009-10-23 02:22:12

2009-10-15 10:45:30

red leader
brooksey burnt your shoes he he he
2009-09-08 23:53:31

we should drop the A bomb on bham and afghanistan ,over
2009-09-08 23:49:18

bogfrog the hippy
fuck ;all muslims
2009-09-08 23:33:23

BTW rebecca faye... Sailor_V and pathetic Jewish like that!
2009-09-05 00:43:26

rebecca faye
what the fuckkk man this shit fucked up i hate seeing lil kids getting hurt or killed i cant stand to hear a lil kid crying let alone this? this make me sick to my stomach gross
2009-09-03 01:58:12

@ all pro-Palestinian Sympatizers...

Eveyone's entitled to their own opinions & views on the situation.
I might not necessarily agree with them, but I'll respect them.

In this current climate I'D PERSONALLY 'rely' on the Israelis/Jews;
as they're far less likelier to 'spontaneously combust' next to me , whilst on a plane, train or automobile!.

You put YOUR trust in the 'other side', if you choose to do so...
And remember that choice, when the person standing next to you on a Public Carrying Vehicle; begins to sweat profusely, fumble for their detonator switch, and starts chanting "Allah Akhbar!", repeatedly!.

Better the devil you know...
2009-08-31 11:42:22

Revolver Solution
In this case Sailor_V.. you should know what mean of humanity! are you will happy if we say toward your little kids like that? let say.. kill the kids before they grow be such like shits!
..and one more thing.. don't rely purely in the fucking shits Jews!
2009-08-30 19:45:53

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