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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Accident → Boy was strangled and swallowed by a reticulated python

Apparently this boy was strangled and swallowed by a big reticulated python in South America.

Those famous pictures of the boy's corpse found in a dissected stomach of the reticulated python, according to some experts, were apparently staged. There are a few stories of large snakes (like anaconda and reticulated python) killing humans, but not many of them swallowing humans. The main reason, according to snake experts, is that snakes begin swallowing their prey at the head and with humans, the snake is confronted with a major obstacle when it gets to the shoulders. Snakes can ingest remarkably large creatures, but need a more gradual contour to do it. In our opinion it is quite possible for a big snake like a reticulated python to swallow a little child (even a teenager); the upper girdle of the boy could be significantly squeezed by the snake power making the body counter to be more smooth for easy swallowing. And we do think that images could be taken from a real tragedy.

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2012-02-23 01:59:55

retics are a very beautyfull python
2012-01-10 01:44:35

Mother Nature
I programmed them to do such things, why
blame them?
2011-12-16 16:31:48

Why kill phythone?
2011-10-28 15:00:17

I cant belive
2011-10-23 09:05:29

This guy below me can suck it as well ;-).
Ok keep the goddamn chain going, NEXT.
2011-10-16 22:27:58

This guy below ME
is ALSO an Idiot........muahahaha! No but seriously
the guy below the guy below me is definitely an
idiot......."please admin befaure publishing pics verify
them"........psh......HUH?? and SHUT THE FUCK UP!
2011-09-06 04:25:22

This guy belove me
Is an idiot
2011-07-22 04:26:41

not true pic
I saw in a program on national geographic channel they explaned that this one is not true pic
please admin befaure publishing pics verify them
2011-06-12 19:15:58

Any time a person loose a life that is a
sad or ordeal. We all as human know
right from wrong. However, my question
is where the bones crushed of the
shoulder and head. None of us are
prepared to die.

If an evil spirit can posses humans.
Think about anything else.
2010-12-04 08:01:04

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