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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Accident → Boy was strangled and swallowed by a reticulated python

Apparently this boy was strangled and swallowed by a big reticulated python in South America.

Those famous pictures of the boy's corpse found in a dissected stomach of the reticulated python, according to some experts, were apparently staged. There are a few stories of large snakes (like anaconda and reticulated python) killing humans, but not many of them swallowing humans. The main reason, according to snake experts, is that snakes begin swallowing their prey at the head and with humans, the snake is confronted with a major obstacle when it gets to the shoulders. Snakes can ingest remarkably large creatures, but need a more gradual contour to do it. In our opinion it is quite possible for a big snake like a reticulated python to swallow a little child (even a teenager); the upper girdle of the boy could be significantly squeezed by the snake power making the body counter to be more smooth for easy swallowing. And we do think that images could be taken from a real tragedy.

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Is that the boy dad maybe bought the snake thinking that it would be cool to have as a pet. If not the little boy maybe touch a mammal that the snake eat, or the snake was hungry.I work with snakes every since I was 11 I am 14 know.
2010-04-03 00:21:56

I watched a Reticulated Python swallow a deer
when I was in Borneo. It took hours, and it kept
going round it's victim until it started to eat it. We
were sure the deer was too big to be swallowed,
as it was as wide as us, but it managed it easily!
The python was making a "snoring" noise as it
was swallowing the deer's head. Could definately
have eaten a person, no problem at all.
2010-03-16 20:59:47

2010-01-16 00:00:01

The shoulders would present little or no problem for the snake is the snake crushed the shoulders when it suffocated the victim. Crushing the shoulders or dislocating them would cause the obstacle of the shoulders to crumple inward and the snake should have no problem at all swallowing the boy.
2009-12-26 06:00:29

I saw a documentary on giant snakes
somewhere. Its only possible if the
victim is laying on his/hers side. The
jaw can contract enough to swallow the shoulders vertically. Where if he was
on his back or stomach, the snakes jaw
width is not wide enough...
2009-12-12 11:18:04

to Bubba Catts ,
hahaha.. leave them be.. they just nerd who only know how to play video game and surfing internet for porn and masturbating in their parents bedroom and know nothing about wild life and science :D..
2009-11-29 08:50:21

A snakes jaws cannot swallow the shoulders of a human. Had he been eaten from the legs up then maybe I would believe you.
2009-09-23 03:07:54

Bubba Catts
BULLSHIT for all you IDIOTS who THINK a big ass snake can NOT swallow a human !!!
LOOK AT THIS VIDEO of this snake that swallowed a DAMN HIPPO !

NOW ASSHOLES...TELL ME...CAN a damn BIG SNAKE swallow a small man????
damn idiots!!!!!
2009-07-10 23:03:39

Snake Expert
2009-07-05 22:55:08

dirty socks
Indeed, no pythons in south america. (only boas and anacondas, but that's another story). It makes no sense at all, in the first image the bump is HUGE, bigger than that skinny guy. besides if you look carefully, there's no place for his torso, arms and head. it's more like his arms are missing. the real tragedy here is that a lot of people can use photoshop, but only a few ones are smart enough to succeed :o)
2009-05-12 02:15:16

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